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In split vote, Lisle village board urges Pritzker to veto police reform bill

Scott C. Morgan, Daily Herald

Lisle trustees narrowly approved a resolution urging Gov. J.B. Pritzker to veto a sweeping criminal justice reform bill.

The 4-3 vote Monday by the village board takes aim at House Bill 3653, which was passed by the General Assembly in the final hours of a January session before lawmakers' new terms began.

Lisle's resolution criticizes "several unfunded regulatory mandates" in House Bill 3653, including "testing, record keeping and the implementation of body cameras." If signed by the governor, the legislation would make it easier to decertify and fire problematic officers, eliminate cash bail by 2023 and mandate body cameras by 2025, among other provisions.

"It's important that we as trustees do what we can do to promote public safety and support our law enforcement," said Trustee Anthony Carballo, who joined Mayor Christopher Pecak, Trustee Cathy Cawiezel and Trustee Kelly Dixit in supporting the resolution.

Trustees Sara Sadat, Marie Hasse and Stephen Winz voted against the resolution.

Carballo said he was concerned that eliminating cash bail would allow violent criminals to "get out while cases are pending and go out and commit more crimes."

Before the vote, Dixit asked Lisle Police Chief Ron Wilke to comment on the legislation.

Wilke said he was unhappy that House Bill 3653 wouldn't allow police to have immediate access to body camera footage to file reports. Wilke also was concerned about pretrial release and some regulations limiting the use of stun guns.

"Many of these reforms were put in place for Chicago-style policing," Wilke said.

Sadat criticized supporters of the village resolution for being "political and partisan" and for creating "an us-versus-them mentality in our village."

She said the village board should be focusing on "creating a community solution" instead of discussing state mandates.

Hasse and Winz said the board needs to pay more attention to the village's budget and a debate over attorney access for Lisle's planning and zoning commission.

"This issue is not in our purview," Hasse said. "We have more than enough business in the village of Lisle to discuss."

Winz and Sadat have launched bids to take on Pecak in the mayoral race. Hasse is seeking reelection in April.

Sadat attended Monday night's meeting even though her house was seriously damaged by a fire earlier in the day.

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