Issues That Matter


Freeze property taxes for another 4 years

During these challenging times, it’s ever more important to minimize our need for property taxes. Finding new ways to improve service delivery at the lowest overall cost possible will continue to be a goal for Lisle First.

Maintain an open and transparent government

It started with recording and broadcasting our workshop meetings and then Committee of the Whole meetings. Lisle First will continue to find ways of conducting the business of the village in an open and transparent method. Cooperation with the Ill Attorney General’s Public Access Counsellor’s office is a paramount consideration.

Continue fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets

LResponsible planning and early studies help qualify our capital projects for grants that keep our budget balanced. Fiscal responsibility as exemplified in eliminating reverse amortization in the police pension fund will translate into prosperity for our future.

Support quality development to increase tax base

Quality development not only provides for the needs of our residents in terms of a much needed variety of commerce, but also increases our sales tax revenue and builds our Equalized Assessed Valuation. This distributes our property tax burden more broadly, translating to a lower overall tax rate.